10-22-2022 Dells Raceway Park

Scott and Lori Lynch became  Midwest Truck owners recently, and

tabbed Grant to pilot the #60 machine for their maiden voyage.

Series rules only allow 1 new tire per race, and with the used tires

we had, we couldn't quite get the stagger perfect.

Grant started in the back after making the show thru the qualifying

race and when the dust settled he took 8th in his first truck race.

Thanks Scott, Lori, Conrad and all the crew for the fun day!




















10-17-2022 Dells Raceway Park

Come and see Grant and the boys race at the Dells this

Saturday October 22nd.

Ignore the snow.

It's gonna be warm this weekend!



10-8-2022 LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway

The futures.

A race for young racers.

The future looks bright for Grant and the team

as we took 2nd in the green to checkered event.

We also raced Friday in the Dick Trickle 99, a triple

33 lap feature event but overheating issues ended our

weekend early.

















9-18-2022 Slinger Speedway

After a twice delayed season final, Grant and the

team (minus Jeremy) headed to Slinger to finish the

2022 Elite 8 series.

Grant had a bad tire and the end result was 6th in

the 100 lap feature and 14th in points, racing 4

of the 7 events.

Oktoberfest Next!


















9-4-2022 Slinger Speedway

The Slinger races were postponed to

Sunday afternoon September 11th after

a horrifying wreck in the late model class.

The fence and flagstand were damaged to

the point that the repairs could not be made

before track curfew.

We took the WIR car and Grant liked how it felt.

See you Sunday afternoon!































9-1-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway



7th in points for the '22 season

To say we started out struggling would be an understatement.

We never gave up and finished the season on a positive note.

4th in time

4th in the dash

6th in the feature.

Thanks for all the help to the team and sponsors.





8-25-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway


Good things come to those who wait.

In a long 35 lap feature due to yellows, Grant finally

won his first main event in 2022.

We started 5th in time, won the dash, and won the feature.

1 more week at WIR

















8-18-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

Fox River Racing Club action at the "big one" WIR is winding

down and our team continues to better the 17 car for Grant weekly.

Our results tonight were decent, but we are striving for more.

4th in time, 5th in the dash and after starting 10th, 4th in the main.























8-11-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

A stout field of cars greeted the fans at WIR Thursday

for the Blue race of the Red White and Blue series.

Grant has been very happy with the changes we have

been making on the 17 machine, and tonight, it was

a decent finish.

9th in time, 3rd in the heat race and 2nd in the 60 lap


We are 8th in points and took 15th in the RWB series

after missing 1 event.





















8-2 and 8-4-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

Welcome to Kaukauna week.

Weekly racing and the big MW tour 250

They used to call it the Dixieland.

Another stout field of cars for the event, and Grant

was 19th in time, and we had to race a qualifier.

GT took 2nd in the race and advanced to the 250.

In the big show, we finally got the car decent but,

it was too late and we took the checkered in 12th.


On Thursday, we were back to weekly racing timing

in 3rd, taking 2nd in the dash and in the main, fought

thru traffic to a 6th place finish.

Next week is the Blue race of the Red White and Blue

































7-28-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

After a week of freshening up some body panels, Grant

and the team head east to WIR for some FRRC action.

Time trials went good, timing in 4th, followed by 3rd in

the Dash.

In the main, after starting 8th GT graabbed the lead for

a few laps, fell back to 3rd and rebounded 1 spot to 2nd.

We now prepare for Tuesday's MW Tour 250 lapper here.





















7-21-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

Back to Kaukauna for FRRC action with the 17 after

the new to us Reed Chassis needed some love on the jig.

In time trials, Grant wheeled it to a 6th in time.

He was in the fast dash, taking 2nd place.

In the 35 lap main after starting 8th, we finally got a solid

finish taking 2nd in the feature.

With the bad luck we had, we never had a chance to get

any notes on the car as we were in repair mode.

Let's hope we move forward the rest of 2022!




















7-12-2022 Slinger Speedway

The 2022 Slinger nationals drew a big field of top cars,

a HUGE crowd plus a national broadcast stream.

The 17 team sorted out their handling issues from the

prior race but Grant felt the car was "laying down" when

he hit the gas pedal.

At the mid race break, the engine was diagnosed to have

valve train issues and it was decided to park the car.

We'll be back at Slinger in a couple weeks hoping for

the best!


















7-3-2022 Slinger Speedway

Back to the place it all began for Grant for the

Fireworks Independence day 75 lapper.

22 cars rolled into the pits and we timed in 12th.

In the feature we had contact once again and had to restart

in the rear, recovering for an 8th place finish.

Slinger Nationals next on July 11th and 12th for the team.


















6-30-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

The season rolls on and our luck isn't getting any better.

Mother nature doused the track as practice began, so we

dried the track off and lined up by points.

Grant wheeled the GT17 machine to a runner up finish

in the dash.

In the feature, we made contact and spun and a car behind

us had no place to go a hit the rear end.

Grant restated in the back and came back to finish 8th.

Sadly, we will miss a week or 2 as we completely take

the car apart to replace the rear stub.

See you soon!

















6-23-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

Back to WIR for some FRRC action as we continue

our trek to a title.

Time trials we took 4th with a 19.496 and followed it with

a 4th in the fast dash.

In the feature, Grant was charging to the front and got into

the 2 car of Lowell Bennett in turn 4 and "Tapped Out"

meaning he took responsibility for the caution, and the 2

got his spot back while the 17 went to the rear.

Grant charged back to a 6th place finish, and sits 6th in

points, 58 behind the leader Dalton Zehr.





















6-16-2022 Wisconsin International Speedway

As a cloud was seen over the GT 17 pit, another DNF

due to part failure.

Let's hope for better results next week.

















6-12-2022 Slinger Speedway

14th in time 14th in feature.

Have a few issues to correct before Sunday.

Let's hope we can get Dad a Fathers Day gift Sunday!

















6-9-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

Race 1 of the Red White and Blue series started out great timing in 2nd at a 19.151

In the dash, we moved up 1 spot to 4th.

In the main event, Grant was looking flawless, moving from 8th to 2nd early in the 45

lap feature.

Sadly, the panhard bar mount broke and the night went up in smoke.

2nd in points after a DNF keeps our heads held high.




















6-2-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

FRRC action finally took the green for the '22 season and Grant and the team

had a great run in all phases.

4th in time trials 19.223

3rd in Fast Dash

3rd in 35 lap feature

We sit 3rd in points after 1 week, 4 points out of the lead.

















5-26-2022  Thank you to everyone that helped get the black car back on track.

Sadly, Mother nature won tonight's events.

We'll try again next week.

















5-19-2022 FRRC action rained out.



5-14-2022 Wisconsin International Raceway

The TUNDRA series invaded WIR Saturday and we used the

race as a test for the upcoming 2022 FRRC season.

It was great to get the band back together and we timed in

7th out of 31 entries.

After taking 4th in the heat race, we had a few issues in the

66 lap main and pulled off with a 17th place finish.

We'll make a few changes to the new car and be ready for the

opener at Kaukauna!

















4-24-2022 Slinger Speedway

A combo platter to start the 2022 season as the Slinger Elite 8 series

joined forces with the ARCA Midwest Tour as we debuted the blue

Casey Johnson prepared machine.

Tough start to the year at slinger coming up 2 spots short of the main

event after some tough luck getting involved in a wreck and having to

go to the back. We will be back stronger than ever at the next event.

Huge thanks to my sponsors and crew that made it all possible and

fans for coming out to support!

Stay tuned for updates on the WIR car as we are preparing for the season there!


















1-16-2022 Pewaukee, WI

2022 Race Schedule has been posted on Schedule Page.

Working hard on 2 rides for the season.



                                                   NEW RIDE IN HOUSE FOR 2022!!




 2021 NEWS and RESULTS


9-2-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway

The 2021 season finale at WIR and we came oh so close.

We lost the championship by 3 points.

We will have a season recap after we hit a couple specials.

Thank you to our crew, the fans and sponsors for a great

run at the FRRC title!























8-26-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway


A term for a shock.



After issues the last couple weeks, we got it all together.

Fast time, 2nd in dash and a Feature Win!

10 points out of the point lead.

Can we do it?

Thanks to the crew, sponsors and fans for not giving up on us!


























8-19-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway

The season is winding down at Kaukauna and we aren't giving up.

Grant timed in 2nd quickest on this warm night, and followed it up with a

5th in the fast dash.

In the 35 lap feature, on lap 23, the power steering failed, making the car a


GT man handled the 17 machine to 4th place finish and sits 24 points out of the lead

in 2nd with 2 point nights remaining.














8-14-2021  Dells Raceway


Race number 4 of the Alive for Five series at the Dells.

We made the show on time with a 14th place time trial, won the fast heat and

ended up loose in the 125 lap main event, finishing 14th.

We stand 15th in points at the Dells with some work to do.












8-12-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway


The Blue race of the red white and blue series was on the card as we entered

the night 2nd in both season and RWB points and after the night was over, that

is where we left.

6th in time, 2nd in the dash and 3rd in the feature.

Congrats to Casey on the title.













8-5-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway



Something we haven't had in 2021 in FRRC action.

Tonight, we did.

After timing 3rd, moving up from 4th to 2nd in the dash, Grant

suffered a blown rear end and a 20th place finish and dropped

out of the point lead, sitting 2nd 28 points out.

We shall rebuild, regroup, and never give up.





7-29-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway


 Another hot summer night at Kaukauna was ahead of the GT17 team.

Grant started out 3rd in time, 3rd in the dash and we were ready for the main.

Sadly, we had a tire issue that slowed the progress of the car, finishing 5th.

We sit tied for the point lead in pursuit of the title.






















7-22-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway

A warm night greeted Grant and the GT Racing team for the weekly FRRC

events at WIR as summer rapidly passes us by.

Entering the night with the point lead, we timed in 3rd quick and followed that

up with a runner-up finish in the fast dash.

In the 35 lap main event, starting 9th we gained 1 position, finishing 8th, and we

retain the point lead over Maxwell Schultz.

It's great to get the support we do as we chase the title!




7-15-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway

A more casual week for the GT 17 race team as we loaded up for

Kaukauna and the FRRC weekly races.

Grant started out 4th in time, 4th in the fast dash and took 3rd in the

35 lap main event on the big 1/2 mile.

We lead the season point standings (by 17 points) and are ready for

the stretch run.





7-6-2021 and 7-8-2021

What a busy week for GT Racing as we started out sweltering at the

Slinger Speedway in preparation for the Nationals.

We timed in 12th for the 200 lap race and after the dust settled, took 9th.

On Thursday we traveled to WIR for the FRRC White race.

Casey Johnson won the race and we finished 2nd, and maintained the season

point lead and Grant sits 2nd in the Red White and Blue standings.

Thank you to all that made this week a success!


















7-1-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway


We didn't have to watch the radar on this first day of July.

The night turned out to be our best yet at WIR in FRRC action.

In time trials, Grant wheeled the 17 car to 8th in time.

After a 3rd in the heat race, we were ready for the 35 lap feature.

On lap 11, GT passed leader Andy Monday and won his first FRRC

main event.

Grant leads the season point standings at the 1/2 mile and now, we focus

on the 2021 Slinger Nationals!









6-27-2021 Slinger Speedway


Back to where it all began for GT Racing piloting the Casey Johnson

Camaro and it turned out to be a very good night tuning up for the

2021 Slinger Nationals.

After a great practice session, Grant timed in 4th.

He followed that up with a 3rd in the fast dash and 3rd in the 75 lap


We feel we have a great piece for the Nationals on Tuesday, July 6th.

Thank you to all that made this ride possible.


















6-20-2021 The Milwaukee Mile



Rain seems to be lacking in the summer of 2021,

except on raceday.

Grant and the GT Racing team went to Milwaukee for

the first time to race in the Fathers Day 100 under the

ARCA Midwest Tour banner.

21st in time trials and a 24th place finish in the rain shortened


Thank you to our sponsors and crew for all your support.

Dells and Slinger next.





















6-17-2021 Wisconsin International Raceway

Mother Nature has her moments.

Thursday, she decided to try and ruin our night.

In the end, it turned out okay.

Qualifying was washed out so we lined up by points.

In the fast dash, Grant finished 3rd after starting 6th.

In the main event, rain was coming and he wheeled the

17 car up to 3rd from our 8th place start and then, on lap

19, the heavens opened up and the race was considered


We lead the points and we'll be racing Milwaukee this


Happy Fathers day to all the Dads!
















6-10-2021  Wisconsin International Raceway

A Hot night with some added teams in the pits for the

red race of the 3 race red white and blue series, and it

was a good night for Grant and the 17 team.

2nd in time trials followed by a 4th in the fast dash.

In the feature event, a couple late restarts turned a sure

podium finish into a 5th place result from a 10th starting spot.

We are tied for the point lead in the SLM division.













6/5/2021 Dells Raceway Park

Alive for 5 Race 2 found us in the show on time.

The 100 race on a hot night found Grant solidly racing

in 8th place when suddenly he lost brakes, and carefully

guided the 17 machine to the pit area, and a DNF.

Let's pray for a dry night Thursday at WIR for the

RED race!















The 2021 season opener at WIR for the Fox River Racing Club was

a success.

We drew an early time trial, qualifying 9th out of 22 cars.

In the fast heat, Grant took 3rd place and we prepared for the 35 lap main.

As the race moved on, Grant found a great groove around the big 1/2 mile

and when the dust settled, we took 2nd place.

This was a great way to kick off season, and we thank everyone for their


Week two upcoming Thursday night!








We traveled to WIR for the TUNDRA season opener.

We had the option of changing the car to their rules or,

keeping it 100% FRRC legal, which we did.

We basically used it as a test session for weekly racing.

At the end of the day, we crossed the finish line 7th in

the 60 lap feature after a 4th in the fast heat and a

blistering 19.101, equating to 6th out of 29 cars in timing.

FRRC season opener at WIR this Thursday.








Our first race of the season happened Sunday at the Dells Raceway.

We started out 23rd of 42 cars in time trials and had to race our way

into the 100 lap main event.

After getting walled in the heat, we fixed the car the best we could then

won the semi feature after we appeared to take 2nd but winner was


Starting 22nd in the 100 lapper, we moved forward early, but we

dropped at the end to a 13th place finish.








Great results today on the chassis dyno at West Bend Dyno


Thanks to Tommy Pecaro and Morgan Racing for all the help.

See you at the Dells






Greetings race fans and welcome to our new website.

We are hard at work on our WIR car for 2021 at Morgan

Racing's Waukesha location.

Follow along as we attempt to conquer tracks in 2021!